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Qianlong "beihai park travel notes"

Date: 2015-03-17

Park travel all written, but you want to know how the ancient emperor's travel writing level? An emperor qianlong beihai park will make its debut in this year's poly autumn travel notes: more than 1700 words, as much as $one hundred million valuation, let this "the most expensive in the history of" the travels of composition's expected to become this year autumn Bai Dashan, was the biggest surprise in the market.
It is understood that the use of "Bai Dashan running script written, including Bai Dashan always remember," hill "in the east, the west hill to record", "south hill" and "north hill" five volumes. In this paper, we describe Bai Dashan, jade island is the north sea park today. Since 1741, the qianlong emperor of the north sea started 30 years of expansion, to qianlong thirty-eight years or 1773 years, to build a scale has been basically formed. So, the qianlong emperor in the "Bai Dashan always remember" and "hill" all around.
According to introducing, "Bai Dashan always remember" and "the hill sides, the history of Beijing and the north sea Bai Dashan recorded in detail, especially for Bai Dashan the landscape and architecture is introduced, important data can be used as the north sea in the research of local Chronicles, with the passage of time, and other historical reasons, some of the buildings%