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Three subway station limit exceed 0.25 m2 "bag" into the station

Date: 2015-02-09

The grand palace gate subway station, pomegranate and zhuang at station 3 station to set the threshold "bag", more than 0.25 square meters of goods will not be allowed into the station. This is the first time that Beijing subway in recent 8 years, explicitly ban under the big luggage. The rules temporarily not in full.
In the grand palace gate station, a sign the announcement of the white on a blue background, the content is: dear passengers, in the superior instructions, in order to ensure the security of the passengers, and prevent from big luggage blocking door channels lead to hinder the passenger traffic, the site will be to you measure the carry-on articles of the occupied area, occupied area of more than 0.25 square meters of goods will not be allowed to stop a train, please cooperate with our work, thank you for your cooperation.
Beside AnJianJi, on the ground, with a square piece of paper, the area is 0.25 square meters. An X-ray said: "it is ok to basic comparison, not each measurement with a ruler."
Why this 3 stand to say no to bag first? Beijing subway spokesman Jia Peng explanation, the measure is mainly the site near the grand palace gate clothing wholesale markets, such as every day there are a large number of passengers carrying super, super, super long baggage package items into the station, at security, charge station, take the ladder and the place such as waiting passengers stranded, other passengers up and down in the process of riding in a train, and pose a safety hazard, prone to disputes between passengers. Therefore, in order to ensure that the site is a safe, orderly and relatively comfortable environment, the station, take the measures. At present, the only this 3 subway station to take the measure.
Passengers li commute from grand palace gate station in and out every day. He said: "loading passengers took the goods on the rampage, sometimes hard hard to drag brake machine. Just another time, prompt the bell has rang, closing a dragging car, flat car carrying bag to a horizontal, shielding door behind hello partner hurry and driving. A car waiting for them, especially the spirit."
Because similar situation, grand palace gate station no less "less". A subway attendant said: "no plan at the beginning of the wide a gate station design, so get in the passengers are often stuck in the position of the brake machine. Sometimes they carry bags on the car, went to the door a wall, passengers will certainly get back don't go in."
What is the area of 0.25 square meters concept? About 24 inches pull rod box of the large area is 0.25 square meters, and basic 20-inch boarding box area will be less than 0.25 square meters. The personage inside course of study analysis, the data base are set according to the brake machine through capacity, basic can meet the demand of the majority of passengers daily.
Since last Saturday, the ban has already begun. Station a head said: "normally by persuasion, passengers can understand, mostly to other ways to travel, meet to race, only to find help public security department." He said, in addition to the area, the general when passengers carrying articles more than 1 meter, the length of the attendant will stop.