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"The subway fast" clause to be deleted begging to busk top one thousand yuan

Date: 2014-12-09

China news agency Beijing nov 28 (reporter in vertical clouds) "Beijing rail transit operation safety regulations" the city 14 National People's Congress (NPC) standing committee held in 28 get voted on the 15th meeting. High-profile clause "in the subway car fast" eventually be deleted; At the station, car begging, busk top will be fined one thousand yuan. The regulations will come into effect on May 1, 2015.
"Can the subway car diet" had a tumultuous when Beijing municipal people's congress standing committee for deliberation. In February, when the regulations for public opinion, the "fast" in the subway car, controversial. In may the same year, "the subway fast" on the standing committee of first instance, put forward some committee members, the subway car diet will be caused by heritage and peculiar smell and other passengers or between passengers and disputes between operating enterprises, proposed increases in terms of fasting.
The wide divergence of the terms in the second instance, some thought, "fast" can make provision, in the passenger rules and should not appear as hard and fast rules in the local laws and regulations. There is also a member said, the car diet belong to the category of civilization, is not a safety regulations can be solved. The argument and terms is it needed to be considered human nature. After review, not now in the second review the terms of the subway fast. In today's legislative, for "fast" didn't make that clear.
On the subway, the problem of content with inspection, with the Beijing people's congress standing committee component members suggested that security normalized not only improved the passenger travel cost, increases the financial costs, shall adopt a flexible approach to security. Study of the legal committee, the provisions in the final, expressed as security units shall, in accordance with the provisions of rail transit station rides personnel security. That means don't ask for, must be the same inspection.
In addition, begging, busk, send out advertising behavior is regarded as to endanger the safety of operating behavior is strictly prohibited.
Therefore, the regulation has been clear about the penalty: at the station, car begging to busk, operating units shall have the right to stop, a warning shall be issued by the municipal traffic administrative department, and may be fined not more than 50 yuan, 1000 yuan. The article such as distributed at the station, car advertising, will be fined not more than 100 yuan, 100 yuan the following; If the circumstances are serious, can be in 1000 yuan of above, a fine of less than RMB 10000. (after)