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Zhang Shen for the Beijing games The opening of the 14th international HuaXueJie China • worship ceremony

Date: 2014-12-06

Zhangjiakou, 06 dec "power, the Olympic bid, ice and snow, concentric build Chinese dream" the 14th China • worship ceremony international HuaXueJie worship ceremony in dense garden, the grand opening of genting ski resort. At the same time, the international league tournament (alpine skiing and snow has also far east games began on the same day.
In recent years, in zhangjiakou, heat warming winter sports. Especially in the worship ceremony, here long XueQi, types, snow a year series, receive training athletes, attracted a lot of ski lovers at the same time, has become the important front for skiing.
According to one winter, deputy secretary general, China association of skiing, winter sports management center director, vice President of Zhao Yinggang is introduced, in order to better promote the Olympic bid work, promote winter Olympic knowledge popularization, in the national youth winter's team on how to carrying out general plans for the winter sports activities, formed from 2014 to 2022, winter sports activities to carry out the popularizing overall scheme.
One winter with the state general administration of sports in Beijing, hebei planning organized a series of ice and snow, chung international HuaXueJie is one of the important activities. Then there are series of activities, such as mass of snow and ice world ski day activities, the capital gymnasium season, Gui river ice joy season, Beijing long slide speed skating, ice hockey into campus and campus youth hockey tournament, zhangjiakou Olympic knowledge popularization activities will be carried out in succession.
At the same time, jilin, heilongjiang, Shanghai, xinjiang, etc will also conduct a series of activities for Beijing a joint "games.
Currently, jing zhang site inspection certification activities is over, the worship ceremony, ski jumping, winter two, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding and northern Europe two six disciplines of venues have got international winter sport organization inspection certification.
International winter sport organization of bidding for the Olympic venues to certification is one of the important work of bidding for the Olympics. So far, Beijing winter's team has got the international skating union, world curling federation, the international ice hockey federation, the international ski federation, the international union of two winter, international federation of snowmobiles, international federation of sled seven winter sport organization all certification. (after)