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The Palace Museum open free of charge The teacher first to try

Date: 2014-12-03

Today is the national Palace Museum for the first theme of free Open Day, 5708 teachers to make an appointment to try.
As of yesterday, 18 people booking platform is still open for free. Teachers need to log in, you can make an appointment to the next day free ticket. Booking process, the web page will pop up a window prompts, "your order for the free tickets, please ensure that you meet the requirements for the identity, and has the professional certificate, otherwise it will not be admitted to hospital on the same day visit." Compared with the ordinary tickets, free ticket barriers to set the number of applications, each person can only apply for 1 opened a ticket.
The imperial palace is the largest museum around the world to visit quantity, in 2012, the audience reached more than 1400 people, become the world's only an audience of more than 10 million museum. Since then, over thousands of years traffic has become the norm of the Forbidden City. But the passenger flow distribution is not uniform, present the characteristics of the "double needle piece", namely "51", "11" two needle, a summer peak. Starting this year, flattening passenger flow becomes an important task of the imperial palace, sell one-year, launch a specific period of time online discount measures such as lists.
The launch of free Open Day is the Forbidden City tap new recruit. Next year on January 7th, on February 4, March 4 and April 1, the Palace Museum will also respectively for the college students, active servicemen and the public security police, medical personnel and volunteers to offer "free".