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Beijing to build the first state museum of overseas Chinese

Date: 2014-12-03

Dongzhimen within beixiao street, kitashinbashi three east mouth, a row of antique Chinese bungalows surrounded by a grey building, which is just located in east China's overseas Chinese history museum. Museum collection more than existing parts, including Chinese companies overseas when hanging plaque, Chinese medicine used wood pharmaceutical box, etc. As China's first "the" font size of the overseas Chinese history museum, interested people can call to make an appointment to visit.
Beijing youth daily reporter walked into the overseas Chinese history museum, the first thing you encounter is theme relief "root". "In the past, the Chinese overseas, pay attention to return home, falling leaves." Overseas Chinese history museum curator Huang Jikai is introduced, the relief to overseas Chinese immigrant history from falling leaves to the roots. Huang, director of introduction, the collection also includes the longest existing 4 meters "confession papers", living in north American overseas Chinese content establishment of entry training materials according to the immigration officer question, in order to help domestic relatives and friends through the new immigration review, content, main relations, family relations, household situation, witnesses related events and all kinds of accessories, etc. Exhibits include America wins companies carved wooden cabinet factory 1926 sewing machine, Chinese pepper utensils, Joan grinding wheel sheng Chinese overseas companies when hanging plaque, Chinese medicine used wood pharmaceutical magazines such as a total of more than one.
It is understood that the museum a total construction area of more than square meters, is divided into three layers, underground 2 floors above, the existing four basic exhibition hall. Exhibition hall to chronological story with a combination of feature classification, in time for the, project for weft, divided into four parts: the history of Chinese immigration abroad, overseas Chinese living abroad, overseas Chinese and overseas article contribution, overseas Chinese and the Chinese development. It is understood that the overseas Chinese history museum is still in trial stage, only accept group telephone appointment, can call 010-64070943 make an appointment to visit during working days. (source: Beijing youth daily reporter: liu Yang correspondent HongShan)