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The Summer Palace reduction APEC spouse touring circuit

Date: 2014-11-27

Municipal parks today launched the first APEC culture tour, related to the Summer Palace, the temple of heaven park, beihai park, jingshan park, Beijing zoo, Beijing botanical garden. Among them, the Summer Palace culture high-quality goods line, maximum reduction of the APEC meeting in Beijing spouse touring circuit.
During the APEC meeting, accompanied by President xi jinping lady peng liyuan nine economies leaders spouse visited the Summer Palace, the world's attention. The APEC meeting in the Summer Palace of the spouses in the circuit, designed to highlight "people painting, animation" the garden artistic conception, covers know spring pavilion island pose, and garden ornamental traditional singing and dancing, kunming lake cruise view routes and corridor, such as the Summer Palace royal skyline community buddhist incense, can make the visitors feel the fine traditional culture of China and the Summer Palace and profound artistic value. Among them, the kunming lake cruise viewing route is according to the asia-pacific economic cooperation (APEC) receives the same recovery, after three big adjustment on the circuit design, more than 50 times carefully correction, in just 20 minutes in the process of the trip on the lake, the Summer Palace of the distant mountains almost all water will appear in front of the visitor. At present, in addition to the water line will be opened next spring, citizens from today to other scenic tour experience, land line takes about 90 minutes. J029
The park APEC tour routes
S Summer Palace: the garden.empress temple, know spring pavilion, jade ripples hall, Germany and garden, the long corridor, the cloud temple, Buddha incense, beautiful, kunming lake
S: the temple of heaven park QiNianDian, echo wall and circular mound altar s beihai park: jade island YongAnSi
S jingshan park: Wan Chunting, central axis center s Beijing botanical garden, exhibition of tropical greenhouse, pass area, yongping garden
S: Beijing zoo panda panda enclosure of the Olympic Games and the Asian games stadium area
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The Summer Palace osmanthus "such as" not open until the VIP
During the APEC meeting, the Summer Palace staff within a flashlight leaves at 4 o 'clock in the morning every day, lake, ground, 3 d building surface cleaning, builds a neat and beautiful, the environment and pure and fresh environment to visit.
Explain the manuscripts to modify more than 40 times, 50 times simulation exercise, from the initial 12000 words concise to more than 7000 words, explain fully take into account in the Chinese and foreign differences, cultural fusion, as an explanation, in order to view love. Narrator activities according to the guest's special identity, from the "interactive" interpretation of the reception as the breakthrough point, to hire experts to carry out the Summer Palace, the deep historical and cultural study and comprehensive knowledge reserve, all can be an on campus tour route and the content of the "ask to fail".
Activities on the same day, the Summer Palace sent gold narrator hs reception guests from all over the world, send some ceramic zhao explained five backbone is responsible for such as nearly with the official interpretation of the English countries.
Osmanthus is the traditional brand of flowers, the Summer Palace in the Summer Palace, more than one hundred years of cultivation history, its normal flowering in early September, and osmanthus blooming this time delay to the middle of November to open. Again, this is the Summer Palace flower gardening institute of breakthrough innovation, horticultural workers from early August is the technical research on flower bud differentiation degree, using high temperature delay osmanthus flower bud growth, use cold storage to make osmanthus dormancy, control the osmanthus flower bud growth, flower bud and exhibited in near before baking, to control in the period in the gardens. Osmanthus in Beijing autumn spit in November, the history of sweet osmanthus cultivation in the north is to create a small miracle. (source: Beijing evening news reporter: Long Lou)