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The Shichahai Sandalwood Boutique Hotel (Beijing Shichahai Zitan Wenhua Jiudian) is located close to popular Beijing tourist attractions like Beihai Park,  Drum Tower and former residences of Song Qingling and Guo Moruo.    

If a traditional feel is what your looking for,  this Beijing hotel has it. The well-equipped queen rooms and suites come with traditional Chinese beds made of red sandalwood[View Detail]    

住客评论 133条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • snowpig
    Which is very nice
  • teger3000
    The elegant and comfortable
  • songbx
    Well, you can set up a basement floor
  • roar to heaven
    Distance is close to the sea
  • e01947752
    Very comfortable hotel, you can feel the old Beijing Hutong culture, it's wicked.
  • cyo2000
    Help a friend booked, price very good hotel
  • eggnut
    Good breakfast, near shichahai bar street, near gokokuji snacks Street, the service is also very good
  • flostLi
    The unique charm of the hotel, deep in the West downtown, exclusive comfort, very Chinese courtyard house, love it!?
  • luoyuanting
    Very satisfied
  • cloudog
    To help foreign colleagues, weekend trips, said very well, impressed
  • goldpower
    Very beautiful hotel, some hidden in the alley, bad parking. the hotel is beautiful, inside journey into amazing caves, away from the noisy outside at once. deluxe room on the ground floor, no Windows, this was unexpected. If residence room is perfect
  • aitist
    Quiet and comfortable, a nostalgic feeling, very good choice!
  • greatcrab999999
    In the courtyard of Sony's old house in situ conversion, free upgrade to a room upstairs, quiet, private, very romantic! accessibility, near Prince Gong's mansion, but in decoration, couldn't get in, small sorry. but the hotel made up for, next time you come to Beijing to live here!
  • tj252525
    Basement a little boom, a little dark, the next time you come to live on the first floor.
  • infinite
    City feet good choice, eat around a lot.
  • Jolex
    Don't live in the basement floor, the eerie, no Windows, only the courtyard, scary. then move to upstairs rooms, much better.
  • E00143596
    Which is very nice
  • e00008215
    Antique, old Beijing flavor, breakfast very good, especially the courtyard feels very comfortable, room was a bit small, wearing alley about 15 minutes walk to Houhai. it is worth staying at.
  • maji386
    Hotel very nice, great feelings, of course, only the rooms on the ground lol. great hotels. When asked after there is a pick up service, please in real tell, 400 at a time.
  • dsadad
    Featuring a rosewood hotel ... ... Standard courtyard house in Beijing ... ...
  • emilyoo
    The traffic is very convenient
  • rlp2011
    Very distinctive and lived a very quiet hotel rooms have Chinese-style and Western-style two-room are great this time, very happy to see the couple wearing a costume in the marriage ceremony.
  • sunxiao878
    Great Courtyard Hotel, a little palace style. only regret that the accommodation in the underground, but also value. environment are very good.
  • bigrabbit
    Shower faucet was not high
  • e03213348
    Very good, the hotel is very quiet, very sensible, better than Han's Royal Garden
  • joansunly
    Hutong houses transformed into chic, but the price is not very high, more than 1000 price is different than the hotel comfort, living experience is enough.
  • potato
    It's OK
  • Davymill
    Very unique, courtyard types, entire hotel room. privacy.
  • Frog runrun
    Children feel the alley where appropriate
  • laomou
    Complimentary upgrade to a Deluxe Suite, a surprise. the atmosphere of the room, decorated good. courtyard Strongbow, a taste of old Beijing. quiet, nice, next time you will choose to stay.
  • oasisno1
  • maobiao
    Is has features of Beijing courtyard, senior room is basement, shortcomings has on not said has, advantages; quiet! luxury room is ground original courtyard, advantages everyone are know has, shortcomings; Office in yard in, breakfast also in yard in, wants to sleep will somewhat noisy. had to said of breakfast, too praise has, must to prepared half hours above slowly leisurely of eat this meal breakfast, experience with courtyard that copies history brings of quiet and thinking.
  • wds0099
    Great hotel! very strong smell of Beijing courtyard! great!
  • awajing
    Quiet environment, next to Beijing will choose.
  • lin_jianwu
    Pretty good.
  • E01395302
    Decoration of the hotel features breakfast is also very good, is the next alley, time can have a good look around
  • jcc Yingying
    Service for, only clean health of that bit ladies, and we last left day of that bit male staff, they of attitude is I think only worth praised of; has courtesy, has sincerity help solution problem. other people of service, even 400 Yuan not to of chain hotel of service are than, especially that foreign women staff. in I staying second days, because up have late I of mother help I will breakfast got room. I end with breakfast to Atrium, the female foreign workPersonnel see I end with tray also not way some, instead to I way to she walk. and, also is arrogance to refers to has about behind, mumble to said has a sentence,' there '. that I next of reaction is said has a sentence,' this is I of breakfast '. She of attitude let I very antipathy, seems I is she of girl. If I in foreign is this work attitude, I will was guest complaints also will was boss reprimanded. I believes she in she himselfOf national also will has also of treatment. I for servility no interest, also not cocky, on who are kind. alike, is so simple. as hardware, maximum of problem is toilet, is big of sewer taste, that to often open window. but window is public aisle and reception, so, to often shut window so as not to embarrassing. live has two days, on always so toss. first days with front desk of China women staff reaction, no response. second days received with thatBit clean health of ladies said has, she immediately to front desk said, front desk only came told we said is has ventilation of. problem is, first, even has ventilation, I not think is available of; second, button design very poor, fundamental not know is open has also is shut has. but, hotel of breakfast also is is good of, can ahead of select Chinese also is Western. front desk of service, to of when is kind, go of when on not has. overall for, I on this took with alterations China old HouseTo simply do business rather than on the service detail very stab in the back of the hotel, especially my rational consumption in their own countries are subjected to alien insolence. I don't need staff cringing, but their manners should be permitted.
  • dj372188
    Separate out of the main room premium suite bathroom is cool in the winter, but transparent roof in summer should be super comfortable. private quiet the whole environment.
  • bb3350
    Quiet and comfortable. location is very good, from the Prince Gong's mansion close, huguosi are also very close, convenient. inside China, the living underground, room in residence next time feel.
  • e00624978
    More like Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel, but must ask when booking-1 is in the basement, no ventilation is uncomfortable, upstairs room excellent value for money, staff very good, had the opportunity to go live, strongly recommended!
  • ivyoo9
    Good taste, have a long history of a hotel!
  • AILEEN phantom phantom
    Courtyard well other facilities which two-stars standard
  • ampty
    Extremely quiet and comfortable environment, to come to Beijing to live here
  • sadflj
    Bathroom floor was dirty good, other
  • bubupig
  • LC2006
    Quiet place to house full of rosewood furniture, love
  • e_e25
    Senior trip to the child of a hotel, kids loved it.
  • spiderman
    Hotel service is good, room was beautiful, just sheets obsolete facilities, linen wear holes and pillows had dirty, and five-star price does not match the shower design is not easy.
  • DL2011
    All right
  • lanxiguai
    Breakfast was very good, very quiet, the surrounding environment is also good